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Wagstaff Applied Technologies provides new and reconditioned wicket gates manufactured to customer specifications.  For reconditioned wicket gates, Wagstaff AT performs welding operations per AWS or ASME codes, using an established suite of welding procedures.        

Wicket Gate machining operations take place primarily on a Geminis GT-5 CNC Lathe, along with Nomura Horizontal Boring Machines.  

Wagstaff AT inspects machined parts utilizing the latest in inspection tool technology.  In addition to an 11' x 7' coordinate measuring machine, we also utilize FARO Arms and traditional inspection equipment.

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Wicket Gates Overview

On a hydroelectric dam, a wicket gate helps to control the flow of water as it reaches the generator, which in turn determines how much power the dam can generate. These gates are very important to the dam's performance and operation. Most dams contain a number of gates, which vary widely in size and design depending on the function of the dam.

At a standard hydroelectric plant, series of gates surround the entire turbine. These gates can be closed completely to prevent any water from reaching the blades of the turbine. When a wicket gate is opened, water passes through to reach these blades, causing them to rotate. This rotation spins the entire turbine, which powers a large generator. This generator produces electricity, which is then distributed through the power grid to power homes and businesses.

The gates on a hydroelectric dam are carefully controlled based on the power production goals of the facility. By opening these gates wide, plant managers can make the turbine spin more quickly, resulting in greater energy production. By closing the gates, managers can slow the flow of water and slow or halt energy production.

A wicket gate around a turbine also makes it easier for workers to stop the flow of water in order to perform maintenance work. Many of these gates include a hydraulic control system that allows users to automatically operate the gates without manual intervention. These control systems, as well as the gates themselves must be carefully designed to meet the demands of water pressure and other factors.



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