Radiochemistry Glovebox

Radiochemistry Glovebox



Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted by Idaho National Lab (INL) to design, fabricate, test, and deliver a custom Radiochemistry Glovebox and Fume Hood for the Materials and Fuels Complex at INL.   

INL wanted the glovebox to have a large viewing area, which meant that a huge piece of glass needed to cover the majority of the face of the glovebox.  Wagstaff AT employed a machined window frame, rather than capacitive discharge weld studs on a 7 gauge shell to provide the necessary rigidity for the glass.

The Radiochemistry Glovebox required a Kynar coating.  Wagstaff AT has substantial experience supplying gloveboxes with chemical resistant coatings, including Halar and Kynar.  The interfaces of the coated parts have to be considered carefully as the coating cannot be applied at an exact uniform thickness.  Accommodating these thickness variations resulted in the superb fit of loose false floors in the INL Radiochemistry Glovebox.

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