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Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted twice by Washington Closure Hanford (WCH) on the Vertical Pipe Unit (VPU) Retrieval Project.  First, Wagstaff AT received a contract to fabricate “equipment group 1” which included cylindrical containment housings for augering activities, HVAC skids, pump skids, and other stands and racks.  The primary function of equipment group 1 was to provide containment while the VPUs where being augered.  That equipment was successfully deployed during a campaign in the summer of 2015.  In the summer of 2014, Wagstaff AT was contracted to conceptually design the “retrieval enclosure” which would have been used to remove the material from the VPUs. The VPU augering was completed in the summer of 2016, and the equipment performed as expected.

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VPU's at Hanford's 618-10 Burial Grounds

The 618-10 burial grounds at the Hanford reservation in Eastern Washington were used in the late 50's and early 60's for disposal of radioactive laboratory waste.  Today, that site is being cleaned-up, and the waste will be moved to permanent storage on the Hanford Reservation.  Wagstaff AT's equipment is playing an integral role in safe clean-up of hte Hanford Reservation.

  • Click here for the Department of Energy information page about the 618-10 Burial Grounds.
  • Click here for recent press coverage of the ongoing clean-up of the 618-10 Burial Grounds.

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