Avista Noxon Rapids HED Units 2 and 4 Turbine Rehabilitation

Avista Noxon Rapids HED Units 2 and 4



Work Description:

  • Lead paint removal from equipment
  • Furnish labor, materials and equipment (fully operated and maintained) to clean, inspect and install stainless steel sleeves on the 20 ea wicket gates and gate lever bearing surfaces and install stainless steel bearing plates on the operating ring
  • Ream gate lever and shear lever together to facilitate new shear pins
  • Fabricate new shear pins
  • Disassemble servomotors to hone cylinders and replace piston rings with new replacement rings
  • Weld repair any defects discovered by NDT examination
  • Modify the tail of the wicket gates
  • Ship completed parts
  • Submit reports and test results
  • Prepare drawings for the modifications made to turbine parts.

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