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INL Cask Transfer System



Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted by Idaho National Lab (INL) to fabricate, test, and deliver a Cask Transfer System.  The system includes a lead lined shielded container, a field erected cask loading / unloading system, and IP2 shipping containers for all equipment.  The purpose of the system is to facilitate shipping of radioactive research samples from the INL to facilities, such as universities, that have the capability to load and unload samples directly from the BEA Research Reactor (BRR) Cask.  This is accomplished by loading research samples in the shielded container, using the cask loading / unloading system to put the shielded container into the BRR Cask, shipping the cask and loading / unloading system to the research facility, removing the shielded container form the BRR Cask using the loading / unloading system, and finally putting the shielded container into a hot cell to remove the sample. 

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Advanced Test Reactor

INL's Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) is the preeminent facility in the world for testing material resilience to neutron exposure.  This research is essential for understanding the longevity and safety of nuclear reactor components.  The United States Nuclear Navy is the primary user of ATR, but since 2007, universities and other nuclear research organizations world wide have been given access to ATR to conduct materials experiments.  The Cask Transfer System can be used to help ship ATR irradiated samples to university research facilities across the nation.

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See INL's ATR webpage.

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