Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) Waste Cans

Idaho National Lab HFEF Waste Cans



Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted by Battelle Energy Alliance, Managing and Operating Contractor for the Idaho National Lab, to build Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) Waste Canisters for the disposal of waste from the HFEF facility within the Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC) at the Idaho National Lab.  The HFEF Canisters are cylindrical in shape made from rolled stainless steel welded longitudinally with machined end caps welded to the cylinders.  The HFEF Canisters were produced in a variety of sizes ranging from 12-18” in diameter and from 3-10’ long.  

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Idaho National Lab's Hot Fuel Examination Facility


The Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) is one of the largest hot cells dedicated to radioactive materials research at Idaho National Lab.

  • Click Here for Idaho National Lab's information page about the HFEF.

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