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Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted by Bechtel National, Inc. at the Waste Treatment Plant in Richland, WA to design, fabricate, test, and deliver 26 lifting beams for use in the High-Level Waste and Pre-Treatment facilities.  All of the lifting beams are ASME BTH-1 and B30.20 code compliant.  

Some of the lifting beams need to be adjustable for different widths of lifts, and because they are used in a radioactive environment, they had to be adjustable remotely with an overhead crane.  

Some of the lifting beams were challenging because of the lift weight coupled with size restrictions.  In two cases, typical 304 or 316 stainless couldn’t provide the strength needed within the allowable footprint.  Wagstaff AT engineers determined that heat-treated 17-4 PH had adequate strength.  17-4 PH is no more difficult to weld than other grades of stainless.  However, heat treated 17-4 PH welded either to other 17-4 PH or to 304 is extremely challenging.  Wagstaff AT’s Manufacturing Engineering group developed weld procedures for these complicated welds.  They also worked with the engineering department to minimize the number of complicated welds by altering the design for manufacturability.

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