Wagstaff Applied Technologies has built a wide variety of custom containers and casks ranging from thin walled waste containers to NRC licensed B-type transport casks.  We have built containers with a wide variety of functions from Fresh Fuel Shipping Containers to simple Waste Cans and 435-B Casks.  As a shop that has expertise in one-off projects and on-going manufacturing, we are uniquely capable of building a single container or an entire production run.  

Our Quality Assurance program is capable of meeting the most stringent requirements, including ASME NQA-1 2008 with 2009 Addenda, 10 CFR 50 Apendix B, 10 CFR 71 Subpart H, and DOE Order 414.1D.


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Containers Overview

In the nuclear industry, the term "container" is a catch-all for anything that hold some sort of nuclear material.  If the material will be shipped over the road, then DOT and NRC have specified three categories of container performance criteria: Industrial Packaging, Type A, and Type B.

Industrial packaging is used for materials that present little hazard from radiation exposure, due to their low level of radioactivity. These are also known as strong, tight containers. This type of container will retain and protect the contents during normal transportation activities. Slightly contaminated clothing, laboratory samples, and smoke detectors are examples of materials that may be shipped in industrial packages.

Radioactive materials with higher specific activity levels are shipped in Type A packages. These packages must demonstrate their ability to withstand a series of tests without releasing the contents. Regulations require that the package protect its contents and maintain sufficient shielding under conditions normally encountered during transportation. Typically, Type A packages are used to transport radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive materials for medical use) and certain regulatory qualified industrial products.

Radioactive materials that exceed the limits of Type A package requirements must be shipped in Type B packages. Shippers use this type of package to transport materials that would present a radiation hazard to the public or the environment if there were a major release. For this reason, a Type B package design must not only demonstrate its ability to withstand tests simulating normal shipping conditions, but it must also withstand severe accident conditions without releasing its contents. Type B packages are used to transport materials with high levels of radioactivity, such as spent fuel from nuclear power plants. These large, heavy packages provide shielding against the radiation. The size of the Type B packages can range from small containers to those weighing over 100 tons.

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