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Wagstaff Applied Technologies was contracted by Bechtel National, Inc. at the Waste Treatment Plant to design, build, test, and deliver 11 Bogies, in seven unique designs.  Several of the bogies ride on tracks and receive power from the tacks.  Eight of the Bogies are used in the Low Activity Waste (LAW) Facility.  Two of those bogies are used to carry filled LAW containers on  250' run across the LAW facility.  Those Bogies use a laser positioning system that is accurately positions the Bogie with 1/8th inch.  Three of the Bogies, the Spent Filter Handling Bogie, Spent Resin Handling Bogie, and In-cell Waste Handling Bogie are used in the Pre-Treatment Facility (PTF) to move 60,000 pound trash containers.  Those Bogies are battery powered and use magnets imbedded in the floor for positioning.

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